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Friday 17th May 2024

Translation Services

"I desire the Poles carnally."

President Jimmy Carter's mistranslation in a 1977 speech in Poland

We all know it's important to be understood, not only understood, but for people to get the right idea.. from the start. Here at IBC Language Services we understand the need for clarity in communication. That's why we have stringent quality control procedures in place for checking translations. Some of our services include:

  • Translation of texts - No matter the size of text requiring translation, we can find the solution. From birth certificates and insurance documents to information booklets, we can deal with your request in a quick and professional manner.
  • Web site Translation - Either full or partial translations of your web site. We specialise in the translation of products for shopping cart applications such as oscommerce. Not only do we translate your web page, we can optimise it as well, in English and virtually any language you require.
  • Certified Translations - For documents such as marriage and birth certificates, educational diplomas and insurance documents, a certified translation is often required. We can provide a fast, competitive and accurate certified translation service.
  • Email translation service - allows your potential clients the ability to send enquires in their mother language and receive a response in the same tongue.
  • Unicode typesetting - we can help you make the most of your multilingual presentations.

Not sure which language you need translating? Take a quick look at some of the more common translation languages which we are able to work with. Not sure about the basic costs of translation? Request a free translation quote.

We offer a wide range of language based solutions to business and individuals in the Greater Manchester & Lancashire region. To request the services of one of our translators, please fill in our translation request form

IBC Language Services are currently looking to add qualified and / or experienced Interpreters and Translators to our database. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please contact us via our online registration section




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