Privacy Policy Information for IBC Language Services
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Sunday 21st July 2024

Protect your privacy


IBC Language Services does not use cookies for general browsing of this web site. Cookies may be used when logging into restricted areas such as our client login area. However, these are simply 'session cookies' and will be deleted by your browser once you finish viewing our web site.

For more information about cookies please visit the following web site:

Usage statistics

General web page usage statistics are gathered on this server, telling us which web sites people came in from, the amount of times certain pages were accessed and such forth. This data is very basic and not used in any way to track personal web usage or collect personal information in any way.

Submitted form information

Information provided by applicants and clientèle via forms on this web site is sent directly to our main office. Service requests and applications are subject to manual processing and the data in these may be stored in a secure database server once it is processed.

Interpreter / Translator Information:

If you pass our vetting system and are informed of your inclusion in our database of language specialists, your personal details will be stored on our UK based secure database server. This information is used in day to day operations to source the best person(s) for each service request that we receive.

In some circumstances the client may ask for certain details such as your name and possibly your address. This may be needed for maintaining security at places such as Prisons and other establishments. Any such request will be discussed with you and only once we have your agreement will we pass on your details.

Occasionally a client may ask to see a copy of your CV. IBC Language Services will not give out your personal details or CV to any third party. We will however if requested to, create a small summary of your gender, experience and qualifications which can not be used to identify you in any way.

Your email address may be used by us to send out a newsletter from time to time to inform you of events and company news. If you do not wish to receive this newsletter or wish for your details to be removed from our database, please contact us.

Client data:

When a service is requested we may create a temporary record of your details. Once we have processed your service request this data will either be deleted or stored on our secure database server.

In the case of service requests where documents are sent to us for viewing before a quote is given out, if you decide not to use IBC Language Services, all documents relating to that quote are shredded (physically and electronically). In In such a case we will not store your details unless asked to do so in order to provide a service or information in the future.

Client data - the details of persons or businesses which choose to use our services - is stored on our client database for our tax records and as a quick reference if needed when contacting continuing account customers.

In the case of all data held by IBC Language Services, no information you provide will be passed onto third parties either in full or part without your full consent. For more information or to request a summary of the information which we hold about either you or your company, please contact us directly.

Translated documents

Any document sent to IBC Language Services to be translated is done so at the owner's own risk. Standard email is not secure so if you have an issue with the privacy of your documents, please consult us before sending them over email. There are numerous encryption tools for email available. If you are not sure about encryption, then a printed version can be sent to us and scanned using OCR for a small additional charge. Once the translation is completed and returned to the client, all print  documents are shredded and any electronic data is either deleted or encrypted as a backup. For more information on encryption visit:

In some circumstances, we may send a copy of your document to a translator via the Internet. This is to ensure that they are happy translating the document to our high standards. In such cases we only use fully vetted translators who have agreed to maintain our high standards of data protection.

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