Manchester Translation, Interpretation and Language Tuition services throughout Greater Manchester & Lancashire
Gestures without words are still nothing more than gestures
Sunday 21st July 2024


IBC Language Services is a company build upon the use of communication and more importantly, about allowing our clients to communicate with people whom in any other circumstances, they would have difficulty reaching. With this in mind, we have attempted to make this web site accessible to all internet users.

As many browsers and screen reader programs are different we cannot be entirely sure if this web site works 100% on all platforms. If you have a problem using this site, please contact the webmaster and we will attempt to rectify the problem.

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By holding down the ALT button and pressing any of the above numbers, you can move quickly between pages. Windows: In Mozila Firefox this is automatic, in most versions of Internet Explorer you may have to press the ENTER key after choosing your page. Macintosh: press CTRL + an access key to access the page.



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