How to enable Unicode language support in windows XP. Add foreign language support to Microsoft office etc.
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Friday 27th May 2022

How to enable foreign language support .
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IBC Language Services pride ourselves on the quality of our translations. Your work as a translator directly reflects our professionalism and devotion to accurate translation and Interpretation. All translated texts must be composed in the correct Unicode character set.

Unicode: is a standard for identifying letters and numbers that attempts to include character sets from all languages around the world (ASCII mostly covers European languages).

As the majority of our registered translators are using Windows XP, the following tutorial is based upon that. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or on how to implement language support for other platforms such as MAC and Linux, please contact us.

Step One:

Windows XP Control PanelVia the start menu, find the control panel and click on it. For classic toolbar users, first hover your mouse over settings and then click on control panel.

In Category View ( see fig1 ) you must click on 'Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options' and then onto ' Regional and Language Options'

If you are viewing control panel in classic view, simply click on the icon for ' Regional and Language Options'



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