Manchester Translation & Interpretation Services: Interpreter Code of Conduct
IBC Language Services - Manchester Translators and Interpreters
Friday 17th May 2024

Interpreter Code of Conduct

In booking any service with IBC Language Services, please be assured that we hold high ethical and professional standards. Upon registration of an Interpreter, the successful applicant must satisfy IBC that they fully understand, appreciate and intend to follow the following code of conduct.

  • Interpreters must adhere to standards of confidential communication
  • The Interpreter should speak in the first person, not altering, omitting or changing anything which is said by the client.
  • If the Interpreter does not feel entirely capable of successfully fulfilling the service in full, they must immediately convey this to all parties present and if this can not be resolved, they must withdraw from the session immediately. In such a case, IBC Language Services must be notified immediately so that we can arrange for a person with more experience in that field be sourced for the Client.
  • At no point should the Interpreter give his / her opinion, reactions or judgment relating to the subject matter in any way.
  • Interpreters should at no time discriminate based upon gender, sexuality, colour, ethnic origin, financial background, heath (including HIV status), disability, religion, nationality or membership of any political or social group.
  • In the case of court Interpretation, no Interpreter shall render services in any matter in which the interpreter is a potential witness, associate, friend, or relative of a contending party, unless a specific exception is allowed by the appointing authority for good cause noted on the record. Neither shall the interpreter serve in any matter in which the interpreter has an interest, financial or otherwise, in the outcome.
  • Except in the interpreter's official capacity, the Interpreter shall not discuss, report, or comment upon a matter in which the person serves as interpreter.
  • Interpreters are asked to be reliable and punctual at all times and contact IBC immediately if the possibility of being late to the session arises.
  • Interpreters should have all claim forms signed by the Customer to verify the actual hours of interpreting carried out.
  • Job Cards must be completed fully and accurately (including totals).
  • All Interpreters should ensure that all such forms reach IBC Language Services within one week of the Interpreting session.
  • At no time should the interpreter attempt to give out their personal number or the number of another company to the client. All contact between client and our interpreters is through the agency alone.

    Remember that you are a professional and acting as representative of IBC Language Services.