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Wednesday 19th September 2018

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Romanian (limba română IPA /'limba ro'mɨnə/) is the fifth of the Romance languages in terms of number of speakers. It is spoken as a first language by somewhere around 24 to 26 million people, and enjoys official status in Romania, Moldova and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Serbia). The official form of the Moldovan language [2] in the Republic of Moldova is identical to the official form of Romanian save for a minor rule in spelling. Romanian is also an official or administrative language in various communities and organisations (such as the Latin Union and the European Union – the latter as of 2007). *

IBC Language Services Ltd provide translation into Romanian from numerous languages, certified translation from Romanian into English and Authorised translations of official documents into Romanian

Doing Business with Romania

Business between Britain and Romania has steadily increased over the last decade with exports to Romania over £600 million per year. Due to EU tariffs on textile imports from China, Romania has become a popular outsourcing destination for textiles companies. If you are considering doing business in Romania, IBC can help. With Romanian translation, business Romanian lessons, market research and telephone interpreting from the UK and Interpreters actually based in Romania, we can assist you on both sides of the cultural divide.

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* Initial text on the Romanian language in this article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License as it uses material from the Wikipedia article "Romanian Language".